The Power Of Fear

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If you're a leader, business owner, entrepreneur, or in sales this is your ticket to unlocking a future of achievement like never before.

Beware of the advice of ordinary people. It brings nothing but the ordinary.  

Normal gets normal - Is that what you want?

Normal where you fit in and exist? A normal life where you accept the status quo?

Normal Relationships involve Normal people. A Normal team. Normal Goals. 

A normal way of Communicating, Thinking and Solving.  Mixed with Normal Excuses and Normal Blaming. Results in Normal Growth, Normal Stagnation with Normal Confidence. 

I don’t know about you - But ‘normal’ scares me a lot. Because being ‘normal’ is the most common path to mediocrity.

And mediocrity is the surest path to regret, resentment, and resistance because you end up rejecting your own dreams and gifts. 

And as you continuously try to fit into mediocrity, it moves you closer towards failure. It's where you neglect your own or another's alternate point of view that could be especially be useful. 

Especially when you have something unique to offer in you professional and personal life.

People who are NOT submerged in the mindset of the mediocrity are free to create beyond it. This is the outlier’s asset and amplification.  

Instead, strive to be the best version of yourself.  The best people to learn from are extreme outliers who create a new pattern. These are the people get remarkable results.

Look at the level of action they take. Tap into their attention to detail. Tune into their passion.

Is it normal? NO its NOT

Decide if you want breakthrough advancement … Then you need to put in a breakthrough effort.


Stop looking for answers from people who are satisfied with ordinary results.

My life changed when I started studying the “Psychological Makeup” of the extreme outliers in so many fields. The bottom line is they did NOT fit normal patterns.

Whatever you’re working on or thinking about, stop taking advice from people who cannot picture or experience life outside of society's mediocrity.    

Before you take advice from anyone. Look at what they’ve achieved or what they do…

And ask yourself… Is that what I want for myself? Be all ears to what answer appears.  

If not, erase Mediocrity and Normal  from your mind immediately.

Cause it’s a mind virus laced with fear, doubt and anxiety. Instead, seek advice from people with uncommon results who understand the process of thinking and behaving outside the norm.                              

People who show up in the world through extraordinary patterns, bring new thinking into the fold. They can show us what we have not seen. They may point to opportunities we were blind to. They may even reveal parts of ourselves we had not noticed.

ARE YOU Ready to Stand Out?


Ready to Level Up? 🔥 You're no stranger to the world of business, sales and leadership. You've climbed the ranks and achieved milestones, but deep down, you sense there's more. You may not be able to identify that elusive stumbling block in your way, but you know something is holding you back from reaching your true potential and your GOALS.



🚀 Ready for the Breakthrough 🚀 Picture this: fear and doubt as a tool for your ascent, not an obstacle. Imagine using its energy to propel your goals, not hinder them. It's time to shatter the illusion of fear's control and harness its potential power.


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 Our proven philosophy about putting fear under the spotlight as the foundation for reaching your goals. Join us as we embark on a transformative journey to:

Fear Redefined: Gain a fresh perspective on fear as a powerful tool for growth and success, and learn how to leverage its energy to your advantage.

Unlock the secrets of Emotional Intelligence: discover how it can transform the way you approach challenges, make decisions, and lead others.

Strategies for Fear: Learn practical strategies to use it as a driving force to propel you toward your goals.

Mindset Shift: Discover how to shift your mindset from one of hesitation and doubt to one of stellar confidence and determination, allowing you to take calculated risks and embrace change.

Weekly Action Steps to build your Ambitions:  Implement weekly tips so you can immediately implement to navigate fear, set ambitious goals, and achieve unprecedented success in your professional journey.

Christine West is a game-changer, a go-getter and able to motive people. I am excited to be part of her bringing her dreams to reality and love how no one is left behind – where she tweaks everything to get everyone onboard!!  

- Aurora Guzbeth

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About your Host

Christine West

I get hired to help professionals Master their Patterns and to be brilliant with People, because most are (running on reactive autopilot) spinning their wheels…. confused and frustrated because they are so deep in the woods, they can’t find the most efficient path to their goals. 

So, I help you to maximize efficiency, master productivity, and materialize prosperity. Bottomline, if you are not prioritizing and breaking your current patterns with people to win in business you will never get out of your own way to make the money you deserve, have the freedom you desire and be a game changing difference maker.  Guaranteed!!

On as personal note my passions in life are psychology , emotional intelligence, communication and my German Shepherd Zenzi. When Zenzi and I are not adventuring outside, I am helping customers, advancing relationships and building my dreams.    

Tap into the Priceless Power of Fear to Maximize your Goals the Easier Way

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